About Cimmeron

Participating in the development of new work and experimental forms in theatre is the inspiration for the bulk of Cimmeron’s design work.  She has worked with several theatre and dance companies across Canada as a primary collaborator in the creation of new works for the stage.

Most recently, Cimmeron designed lighting for Twelfth Night at Theatre Calgary with director Jillian Keiley.  She also worked with Jillian at the Stratford Festival in 2017 on the critically acclaimed adaptation of Bakkahi.

Her work in film and television includes an Associate Producer credit for From Naughty to Nice, a Christmas Television special for The Old Trout Film Division, a newly established film production company focusing on the creation of new live action puppetry for film and television.

Cimmeron participated in the Wreck City Project, an art installation in Calgary held in the spring of 2013. She developed and created an interactive video mapping display on the exterior of a house slated for demolition.

Cimmeron is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.

She dedicates her work to her daughter, Eve.

Dedicated, motivated, experienced.

“Cimmeron is enormously dedicated, and will stop at nothing to get the job done. She’s self-motivated, multi-talented, and works towards the big picture — she doesn’t just do the job, she actively strategizes to improve systems and solve broader problems. She’s always striving to improve her skills, and her extensive experience as a technical director and designer gives her a deep understanding of theatre management. I strongly recommend her.”


— Judd Palmer, Old Trout Puppet Theatre

Theatre Design Professional

Cimmeron Meyer is an accomplished theatre designer and the recipient of two Betty Mitchell Awards for Outstanding Lighting Design: Sailor Boy (Ghost River Theatre and Czapno Productions) and Confessions of a Paperboy (Ghost River Theatre).  She was also recognized with a Sterling award for her design of The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan (Old Trout Puppet Workshop).

Selected designs include

…for The Old Trout Puppet Workshop: 

Famous Puppet Death Scenes,  The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan and Ignorance.

…for One Yellow Rabbit:  Dream Machine,  Featherland and  A History of Wild Theatre.

…for Springboard Dance:  Almost Wanting to Fall.

for Ghost River Theatre: Sailor Boy, The Alan Parkinson’s project,  Confessions of a Paper Boy

…for Ground Zero Theatre: Closer (set and lighting) Reasons to be Pretty (lighting), Urinetown, the Musical (set and light design with T. Gunvordahl), Writer’s Block (lighting) and The Full Monty.

…for the Shakespeare Company: Macbeth and Richard III and The Queens.(set and lighting).

…or Urban Curves Theatre: Helen’s Necklace and It is Solved by Walking (set and lighting).

…for Vertigo Theatre: (lighting design) Snake in the Grass, Columbo: Perscription Murder, The Mystery of Irma Vep, Funeral Ladies, Misery and 7 others from way back in the days of Pleiades Theatre.